Biogas Production Process and Biogas Advantages

Biogas Production Process and Biogas Advantages

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Introduction of Biogas 

Biogas is formed by the decomposition of organic matter without oxygen. It is a combination of different gas like methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, etc. It can also be produced by different wastes like manure, animal wastes, plant materials, sewage, food wastes, etc.

A Renewable Source Of Energy and Fuel

Biogas is a renewable source of energy i.e. it can be used again and again and never gets depleted. It has a small carbon footprint. Major components of biogas are methane and carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide is present in very small quantities. Biogas can be used as fuel and in the production of heat and electricity. In the United Kingdom biogas has the ability to substitute 17 per cent of vehicle fuel. Biogas can be cleaned and gets the natural gas standards and then can be used as bio-methane.

The composition of biogas is as follows

  • METHANE 50-75%
  • NITROGEN 0-10%
  • HYDROGEN 0-1% 
  • OXYGEN 0-0.5%
Overall Benefits of Biogas :
  • Improves sanitary conditions and reduce water pollution:

Animal and human waste consumption in biogas improves sanitary conditions and furthermore helps avert the floods of landfills which produce foul smell as well as enable toxic fluid to deplete into underground water sources so the water contamination can likewise be avoided by it.

  • Control Hazardous diseases:

        The fermentation process is done in biogas formation which is very important to degrade the pathogenic capacity of waste that is used as infection-causing microbes are aerobic and the slurry of biogas doesn't attract flies or other vermin, the vector for contagious diseases are reduced.

  • Organic fertilizers:

  The waste discharged by the organic gas plant is utilized as fertilizers which improve soil quality and expands food generation.

• A clean source of energy:

Another incredible benefit is that it substitutes the utilization of fossil fuel ( decrease of CO2) which implies it is an ecologically well disposed and clean procedure.

  • Better source than fossil fuels:

In spite of fossil fuel determined methane bio-methane being a renewable resource is accessible perpetually. It is created from natural waste like sewage, compost, slurry, which will never run out as long as there will be life on this planet. Additionally, as we realize that fossil fuels are not circulated uniformly, and not every person approaches them. In this way, this is the best alternative.

  • Prevent methane release:

The measure of overall methane discharge that is generated from agriculture contains about 33% of worldwide anthropogenic methane discharge. Animal husbandry alone involves 16%, trailed by rice fields of 12% and animal fertilizer of 5%, and from dairy cattle in industrialized nations is about 0.24m3 CH4/kg volatile solids. These methane outflows can be diminished through this anaerobic treatment. Altogether about 4% of worldwide anthropogenic methane discharges could be decreased by biogas innovation.

• Lesser climate change:
The ability of nitrous oxide to change climate is 320 times more as compared to CO2. Anaerobic digestion can control nitrous oxide discharge by avoiding its discharge during the storage or disposal of organic waste.
• Decrease deforestation:

People burn firewood for cooking purposes. It is harmful to the environment as deforestation occurs(means biodiversity loss). Combustion causes the emission of greenhouse gases. By using gas we can overcome these problems. Life expectancy increases by lessening smoke inhalation by humans.

  • Low-cost installation:

A not very large investment is needed to install a  plant. Also, it can generate new jobs which is a big advantage for us where unemployment is a very serious issue.

  • Production of electricity:

This important gas is used to run the turbines and hence electricity will be produced in this way.

This gas is made from landfills by doing a water scrubbing process. After it, we refine it by removing siloxane from biogas as it damages the generator. The combustion of biogas produces electricity

The steps for the production of Biogas which is a renewable source of energy are as follows:
  • Organic material is given to the biogas plant as a substrate.
  • Manure is also added to it.
  • These materials are decomposed in an instrument called Fermenter at 38-40 degrees Celsius in the absence of light and oxygen.
  • As a result, biogas is obtained .it is a mixture of gases like methane, hydrogen sulfide, etc. but methane is the main component.
  • The residues that are obtained act as fertilizers.
  • The biogas obtained is stored and used to generate electricity and heat in the CHP plant (combined heat and power plant).
  • The heat that is produced is used to dry wood and harvest products.
  • Gas is then supplied to grid stations. (6)

When combustion of biogas happens then heat is generated which is then used in homes and other places for heating and cooking purposes.

Combustion engines convert gas into mechanical energy which can be used as a fuel. (7)

GENERATION OF ELECTRICITY: The steps for the generation of electricity are as follows:
  • The heat produced by the biogas is used to warm water and convert water into steam.
  • This pressurized steam will rotate the turbines.
  • As a result, electricity is produced. (8)
Biogas produces 12.6% of the total renewable energy.

One cubic meter of biogas generates 2.5kwh of electrical energy.

The growth rate of animals in the livestock area of Pakistan is 4% so the waste that is produced by the animals gives 35.625 million kWh of energy per day.

Biogas produces an enormous amount of energy as Pakistan is facing the problem of energy crisis so biogas can be best used as an alternate source of energy. (9)


           Pakistan is an agricultural country, produces 43 million tons of agricultural waste annually. From it, about 11 million remains unused. According to a rough estimate, Pakistan has 32 million cows and animals that produce 480 million tons of cow dung.  50 % of it can be collected and utilized better such as in the form of biogas. If we handle our waste properly then according to one estimate biogas can meet our 60% needs of energy at least in rural areas.

Gas shortage is one of the major problems in Pakistan that have been reduced by importing Liquefied natural gas (LNG). local gas resources are depleting continuously. So there is an extreme need for the utilization of fuel in Pakistan. Particularly in those areas of Pakistan where conventional gas and electricity cannot be provided economically.

Self Assessment conclusion about Biogas

According to my the most appealing factor for preferring biogas instead of other sources of energy in Pakistan or all over the world is that it is not merely a source of energy but also helps us to solve a lot of our environmental problems, such as it prevents the greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere. So, it is really a great way to tackle global warming (one of the major problems that the whole world Is facing nowadays).

On the contrary, the other sources for example transportation and installation of the solar system contribute to an increase in global warming. The manufacturing process of the photovoltaic cell uses many harmful and toxic products, which affect your environment directly. (10)

Pakistan is not economically so strong a country, so there is a need of introducing an economical and best-quality energy source.

It has the lowest manufacturing cost of other sources of energy. One case study in which a Mini biogas power plant (MBPP) was established and compared with the solar energy system in University Sains Malaysia (USM). They concluded that the cost of a solar energy system is much higher than the biogas system. it is due to the cost for battery backup that is needed during nighttime, raining, or during the cloudy atmosphere and the cost of manufacturing a solar cell. Same as other sources of energy like wind energy have much production cost and have a complex installation process.

In 2017-18 overall Pakistan literacy rate is 62.3% and in rural areas, it is about 53.3%. It means nearly half of the population of the villages is uneducated. So there is a need for such an energy system that has a very easy and simple installation. This is the only reason why I like that it is a very easy and simple installation. A person with some basic know-how of it can set it up at its own level. Materials required for the integration of this system are commonly available at very low prices. Other plants (windmills, solar plants, etc.) have a very complex and intricate installation process you in most cases need an expert for setting it up.

A lot of capital has been invested by many countries like India and China in the sector. This thing helped them to cut back on the use of fossil fuel sources like oil, gas, and coal especially in china.

Its production encourages people to collect their waste in the proper way that leads to improving the overall sanitation and hygiene of the environment. And overall processes leave behind enriched organic manure (digestate) that can be used as a replacement for synthetic fertilizers that are continuously damaging our soil quality while other sources of energy have their main aims in only the extraction of energy, not in at least minor contribution for making our environment suitable for our living.

Pakistan has a male dominating society so work like firewood collection and dung cake preparation is usually associated with the female. Biogas provides us with the opportunity in breaking this gender barrier .man can assist in the operation and maintenance of biogas plants and help females in disposing of the dung into the digester.

  • The economy is mostly agriculture-based so easy to grow energy crops as lands are the most fertile in the world
  • Hot weather reduces the input energy cost for the production
  • Large quantities of organic waste are being produced
  • Cheap Labor. (11)

The best location for the installation of a gas plant is where space and organic matter are present. There are two such sites in Karachi i.e. Jam Chakra and Gond pass and one in one site in Lahore i.e. lakh dairy landfill. Also, both are populated cities so it is difficult to produce electricity in large amounts so by installing a plant we can overcome this problem. (12 )


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