Paper Biology Class 12 second years ch 4,5,6 Test

Paper Biology Class 12 second years ch 4,5,6 Test

 Test: Biology Class: FSc Part – I Chapter: 4+5+6 Marks: 40 Time: 90 Min

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Q.1 Each question has four options. Encircle the correct answer.

1. Movement of cyclosis and amoeboic movements are because of:

(a)micro tubules (b)intermediate filaments (c)micro filaments (d)all above 

 2. The primary wall is composed of cellulose and some deposition of pectin and:

(a)silica (b)chitin (c)lignin (d)hemicelluloses 

 3. Golgi stack in plant cells is called:

(a) dictyosome (b) lysosome (c) peroxisome (d)none of these 

4. A aqueous ground substance, containing organelles and inclusions is called:

(a)Cytosol (b)Protoplasm (c)Nucleoplasm (d)none of these 

 5. Which of the following is not related to lysosome:

(a)Phagocytosis (b)autophagy (c)formation of cell wall (d)degeneration of cell 

 6. The capsid of herpes virus is made up of;

(a)126 capsomeres (b)162 capsomeres (c)225 capsomeres (d) 252 capsomeres

 7. Pigs are reservoir to Hepatitis:

  1. A (b)B (c) D (d)E

 8. Five kingdom system of classification proposed by Margulis and sehwartz is not based upon:

(a)Genetics (b)Cellular organization (c)nucleic acids (d)nutrition  

9. Hepatitis A is also Known as:

(a)Infections hepatitis (b)Serum hepatitis (c) Delta hepatitis (d)Fatal hepatitis 

 10. which of the following is not a viral disease:

(a)small pox (b) polio (c)Cholera (d)Herpes simplex

11. Flagella come out of cell wall and originate from

  1. Frontal body (b) cytoplasm (c). basal body (d). none of these

12. Gram negative bacteria do not contain 

(a). Techoic acid (b)Peptidoglycon (c) Lipoprotein (d)Lipopoly saccharide 

13. Bacterial membrane differs from eukaryotic membrane in 

(a) Lacking protein (b) Lacking lipids

(c) Lacking polysaccharides (d) Lacking sterol i.echolesterol

14. True pili are only present on

  1. Gram-positive bacteria (b). spiral bacteria (c). gram-negative bacteria (d). all

15. Which one of the following is not antibiotic:

(a)penicillin (b)erythromycin (c)sulfonamides (d)aspirin

Note: don’t cut the subjective part.

Q.2 Give short answers to the following:

1. What is the basis for classification?

2. What is the site of the attack of HIV on T-lymphocytes?

3. What are prions?

4. which structures are formed from microtubules?

 5. what is Polysome?

6. What are mesosomes and their functions?

7. Name a bacterium that has no cell wall.

8. What is super blue-green algae?

9. Differentiate between antiseptics and disinfectants.

10. Name at least two photosynthetic bacteria.

Q.3 Describe structure and function of Golgi complex. 5

Q.4 Explain lytic cycle of bacterio phages. 5

Q.5 Write down various characteristics of Cyanobacteria. 5

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