Test Ch.No. 4,7 Biology Ist year Two Chapter Test

 Test Ch.No. 4,7 Biology Ist year Two Chapter Test 


Test Ch.No. 4,7 Name__________________________


Note: - Attempt all questions. Cutting, erasing, over-writing or use of lead pencils will result in zero credit.

Q.1 Each question has four options. Encircle the correct answer:                                                               10

 (I) One of the following is not double membranous structure 

a. Mitochondria b. Vacuole c. Chloroplast d. Nucleus 

(II)           Which one is dead structure?

a. Cell b. Cell membrane c. Cell wall d. None 

(III) Detoxification of harmful drugs is the function of 

a. RER b. SER c. Both a & b d. None 

(IV) Tay Sach’s disease is caused by the 

a. Accumulation of proteins b. Accumulation of glycogen 

c. Accumulation of lipids d. Accumulation of vitamins 

(V) In the nucleolus, which of the following RNA is synthesized

a. m RNA b. t RNA c. r RNA d. None 

(VI) Which are the major producers in aquatic ecosystem?

                             a. Green algae b. Diatoms 

                             c. Euglenoids d. Red algae 

(VII) Chlorella is:

            a. multicultural b. acellular 

              c. unicellular, motile d. unicellular, non motile

(VIII) Oomycetes show close relation with fungi and their cell wall contains 

a. Cellulose b. Chitin c. Silica d. Muramic acid 

 (IX) Which one of following is a fungus like protest?

a. Physarum b. Rhizopus c. Chlorella d. Penicillium 

(X) Polysiphonia is a representative of 

a. Green algae b. Brown algae c. Red algae d. Diatoms 



Q.2 Give short answers to the following:                                                                                                    20

(I) What is Autophagy?

(II) Define Granum and Thylakoid.

(III) What is Cytoskeleton?

 (IV) What is Resolution Power?

 (V) What are Cisternae?

(VI) How do algae differ from Plants?

 (VII) What is a Giant Amoeba?

 (VIII) What are the functions of micronucleus and macronucleus in ciliates?

 (IX) What are kelps?

 (X) What are Red Tides?

Q.3   Explain the structure and functions of Mitochondria.                                                                               10

Q.4     Describe general characteristics of Algae.                                                                                            10

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